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Lawyers with ideas about personal & family law

Personal & family law

Ending a relationship or getting a divorce brings about considerable change. There are so many issues that need to be sorted out. For your future, that of your children, and possibly your company or shares. Ideally, you try to resolve matters amicably. And only if this isn’t possible, you may to turn to the courts. It’s at times like these that a Stellicher legal specialist in personal and family law from can make all the difference, representing your interests and guiding you through the complex and sometimes emotional process.

Advice about the parenting plan, maintenance, child support and drawing up a divorce agreement. But also mediation, getting a second opinion to secure your wishes, rights and obligations.

After settling the divorce, our specialists also have considerable experience in handling the will. Dividing the inheritance can sometimes be an emotional experience. We will make sure that family disputes are resolved.

The areas of law within legal area personal & family law:

  • Separated, now what?
  • Separatation and the entrepreneur
  • Mediation
  • Second opinion
  • Inheritance & trustees

the idea

maintenance and child



An entrepreneur had to pay a large amount of money in maintenance and child support. He couldn’t afford the agreed monthly payments due to the financial crisis. He lost the court case, in spite of providing proof of his financial situation. Stellicher took another look at the situation together with the entrepreneur and his financial adviser. We went through the annual figures and other documents, and put together a new overview of the situation. On paper, the company didn’t seem to be doing that badly, but cash flow was non-existent. We decided to appeal. The court session was long and difficult. But we won the case and the maintenance was reduced by 70%. Passing on good news to the client. That’s the reason behind what we do.