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Lawyers with ideas about liatiblity, insurance & personal injury

Liability, insurance & personal injury

Mistakes cause damage. For example, damage for you as an entrepreneur, because you are the one who is injured, or if an employee has an accident. With damage, come issues such as liability and insurance. Who made the mistake? Who is liable? And, if the liability is yours, are you insured? Stellicher specialist lawyers can help you with all your questions regarding liability, insurance & personal injury. 

Insurance plays a key part in any damage or injury. Were you insured? Will your insurance, or that of the party cover the costs? Stellicher will research the claim, inform you of the conclusions, and advise you on how best to proceed. Are we going to negotiate or litigate? Together, we will determine the strategy based on the correct information.


Areas of law within liability and insurance law:

  • Liability
  • Insurance
  • Personal injury



instead of litigating

Reacting instead of litigating 

An employer puts in a claim with their insurance company because an employee has submitted a claim. The response from the insurance company is: “You’re too late.” This leaves the employer with a considerable financial risk. And if this leads to litigation, costs can be substantial. Rather than litigating, Stellicher lawyers phone the insurance company for a detailed reaction. From one professional to another. They get a result! If the employer then provides the necessary information, the insurance company will still asses the case. Resulting in the claim being covered after all.