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Lawyers with ideas about employment law

Employment law

Employment law is about all issues regarding work. From labour disputes to reorganisation. And from competition clauses to reintegration after illness (reïntegratie in het tweede spoor). Dutch employment law is constantly changing with new laws and regulations being introduced regularly. Our lawyers will advise on the latest updates and ensure that you are always aware of the most recent developments.

When it comes to employment law, it is essential to make sure you are aware of the latest rules and regulations. Our experienced specialists are constantly monitoring changes in Dutch employment law, so that you don’t have to. They are able to get to the heart of any issue or dispute quickly, and so offer the right practical solutions.
Contact one of Stellicher employment lawyers directly to find out how we can help you.


Areas of law within employment law:

  • Individual employment law
  • Collective employment law
  • Special clauses
  • Sick employees
  • Equal treatment
  • Workers' participation

the idea
after bankruptcy

Preparing a relaunch after bankruptcy

A prepackaged bankruptcy. There is currently no legal basis for this under Dutch law. Stellicher lawyers have, however, prepared such a bankruptcy. Even where there was no obligation to involve the unions and works council, we did just that. This cooperation resulted in a clear arrangement for the employees and a successful relaunch of the business after bankruptcy.

The idea
Severance pay

Creative severance pay

In the Netherlands employees have little left from their severance pay once taxes have been deducted. This is why Stellicher lawyers came up with the idea of bringing compensation forwards: before the end of the employment contract, the employee in question followed a work-related course abroad at the expense of the employer. The employment contract was terminated after the study trip. A sunny solution for both employer and employee.