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Lawyers with ideas about corporate law

Corporate law

As an entrepreneur or as a company director, you regularly enter into contracts. You may also have to deal with structuring or restructuring your company or group. The corporate lawyers at Stellicher are at-hand to assist and advise you in every aspect of your role as company director or entrepreneur.

Experienced specialists will help you. From solving problems during the execution of agreements, to addressing financial issues. We can also advise during the takeover of companies, or acquiring a shareholding in companies, with disputes among shareholders, or when your company is in difficulty.


Areas of law within corporate law:

  • Finance
  • Takeovers
  • Disputes within the company
  • Companies in difficulty
  • ICT and privacy
  • Trade agreements and competition

The idea

debts and


Debts and bankruptcy

A subsidiary of the company is verging on bankruptcy, while the holding company still has a fair number of debtors on its books. This needs a creative solution from Stellicher lawyers. Based on the possibilities uncovered in the financial documents, the holding company was able to arrange payment of the debts on its books, arrangements were made with the other creditors, and the subsidiary was wound up. Thus avoiding an unnecessary bankruptcy: legally and correctly.