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What we do

Stellicher lawyers are legal professionals with more than just legal knowledge. We believe that being a lawyer is about  solving problems, making ours a skilled profession that demands creativity and flair. Stellicher lawyers have all the skills needed to interpret the law, and so find the right decisive solution to your legal question.

Employment law

Employment law covers all issues related to work. From employment disputes to reorganisations, including issues such as non-competition clauses and severance pay.

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Liability, insurance and personal injury

Mistakes cause damage and loss. For example, damage or losses for your business if you suffer personal injury, or an employee has an accident. Damage and loss raise questions about liability and insurance. Who made the mistake? Who is liable and are you insured for this? Stellicher is here to assist you with any questions you might have related to liability, insurance and personal injury. 

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Corporate law

As an entrepreneur or as a company director, you regularly enter into contracts. You may also have to deal with structuring or restructuring your company or group. The corporate lawyers at Stellicher are at-hand to assist and advise you in every aspect of your role as company director or entrepreneur.

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Real estate & environmental law

Everyone has to deal with issues regarding real estate and housing at some point. From company premises or shops to private homes. Whatever your question or issue, the specialised real estate lawyers at Stellicher will be happy to help you.

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Personal & family law

Ending a relationship or getting a divorce brings about considerable change. There are so many issues that need to be sorted out. For your future, that of your children, and possibly your company or shares. It’s at times like these that a personal legal specialist from Stellicher can make all the difference by guiding you through the complex and sometimes emotional process.

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