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Civil real estate lawyer

S.J. van Susante LLM
+31 (0)6 26 32 43 36

About Bas

Bas is passionate about results. He wants to ensure that entrepreneurs have been helped with the best solution, based on honest and practical advice. For Bas, a result during a dispute means a well-negotiated compromise. But he’s not afraid of a tough court case.

Bas van Susante is specialised in purchasing, renting, investing in and operating commercial real estate (under Dutch civil law), and in the business matters of running a recreational park.

Bas is generally asked for advice about commercial interests: money. He provides the correct information about the opportunities, the costs and the possible scenarios. This advice is then followed by a personal and efficient approach to tackling the issue at hand. This is the best way to describe Bas.


  • Rental

    Housing has rules, both for you as an individual as well as for your business. Each tenant and each landlord has rights and obligations, which are written down in Dutch law. Based on your specific situation, interests and needs, the specialists at Stellicher will come up with practical advice and draw up your contractual agreements.

  • Purchase

    Is the location you have in mind the right place for the desired use? Are there other risks connected to the purchase, such as polluted land? Are there special costs or restrictions linked to the real estate, resulting in your possibilities being limited? Stellicher lawyers support in every aspect of the transaction, to ensure that your purchase or sale agreement is drawn up correctly.

  • Recreation

    The specialists at Stellicher have been working in the recreational sector for many years. They advise entrepreneurs setting up their recreational park business and are trusted advisors to Recron (the Dutch organisation for owners in the sector). Stellicher will provide you with the right contracts and terms & conditions.

  • Property law

    The Stellicher specialist property rights lawyers can advise you on which legal forms are best suited to recording and protecting your interests as owner and/or user of real estate. 


Tenancy Law Lawyers Association (VHA), Real Estate Lawyers Association (VVJ)

Reviews over Bas

Mr. R. Kempes, Arcelormittal

Bas van Susante has been taking care of my interests for more than 20 years, and for all those years has being do so to my complete satisfaction. Bas is an excellent lawyer: with strong legal expertise and always personally involved. I can highly recommend Bas as a lawyer.

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Mrs. J. Bijsterbosch, Het Verscholen Dorp

Over the past 20 years that Bas has been taking care of many of our professional and personal interests, the cooperation with him has developed such that both parties can almost always finish each other’s sentences! We understand each other perfectly. The way Bas works can best be described as decisive. He is an involved and driven expert lawyer with a no-nonsense mentality. This is reflected in his thorough approach, his manner and the way he anticipates various situations. We have an excellent personal understanding and he looks after our interests enthusiastically. That’s why we have the utmost confidence in him.

Bas’ strengths are the personal attention he gives, in combination with his extensive legal knowledge of the sector. Thanks to the diversity of his experience and the quality of the legal advice he gives in the area of civil real estate, he is the ideal sparring partner for us.

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Mr. M. Slothouber, Slotprins BV

Working with Bas is both pleasant and professional, with a clear starting point. Bas is a strong negotiator, who is fully committed to getting justice and to serving his clients. I trust Bas, and can confidently place my interests in his hands. He is an excellent lawyer with good and up-to-date knowledge regarding tenancy law and everything associated with it. Above all, he is also a pleasant person to be around. He’s honest, and you know exactly what you can expect from him.

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Mr. S.J. van Susante