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Corporate lawyer

J.J.P.T. van Summeren LLM
+31 (0)6 10 17 53 91

About Jolanda

Jolanda thrives on having the overall picture. She takes a step back and assesses each case from various perspectives. Coming up with innovative ways to tackle issues. That’s what Jolanda gets enthusiastic about. Satisfied clients and always doing the utmost possible.

Drawing up general terms & conditions and contracts, debt collection versus sureties. Jolanda specialises in corporate and insolvency law. Resolving complex issues and consulting with the various stakeholders. 

Clear communication and quick results. That's what clients say about Jolanda. She understands the diversity in the theory and the various solutions in practice. Taking on a challenge. Because where there's a will, there's a way. This is the best way to describe Jolanda.  


  • Companies in difficulty

    Is your company in financial difficulty? Then the insolvency experts at Stellicher lawyers will assist you. With years of experience as curators and as stakeholder consultants.

  • Finance and securities

    Your company needs working capital. This can be obtained by means of financing from the bank or the market, in the form of private equity or crowdfunding, for example. Stellicher lawyers can assist you in financing or refinancing your business.

  • Second opinion

    You must be satisfied with the outcome of your case. After all, it’s about your future. Our specialists will take a look at the legal and financial aspects of your case or your mediation process. Taking into account your situation and wishes. Independent and unbiased.

  • Inheritance

    A loved one has passed away. You are an heir and believe you are entitled to an inheritance. Stellicher lawyers will help and support you in settling your inheritance claim.

  • Bankruptcies

    Insolvency lawyers of Stellicher are regularly appointed by courts as receivers for bankrupt companies or individuals. A receiver acts on behalf and for the benefit of the joint creditors, and ensures that the bankrupt's estate is properly managed and settled.


JIRA, Young Insolvency Lawyers Association
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Mr. J.J.P.T. van Summeren