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Liability, insurance and personal injury lawyer

M.C.R. van Lent LLM
026 3777 111

About Maud

Maud loves clarity. Finding out what her client needs after an accident and doing more than just finding out what’s legally obvious. Finding a solution that allows her client to move on.

Maud van Lent supports her clients who have been injured and helps with contractual liability and questions regarding insurance cover. Thanks to her years of experience working with insurance companies, she understands how their world works. A huge advantage when helping her client.

A lawyer who keeps a keen eye on all the opportunities and risks. While at the same time taking into account her client’s emotions and interests. Supporting her client with calmness and clarity. Determined and understandable. This is the best way to describe Maud.

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  • Liability

    Mistakes made by others that have resulted in damage, for which those responsible are liable. In order to ensure that the damage is compensated for, Stellicher lawyers assist victims and support the entrepeneurs which are liable or have suffered damages.

  • Insurance

    You are insured. That puts your mind at ease as an entrepreneur or employer. That is until you actually need the insurance, send in a claim and they tell you that they are not going to pay out. Or that their proposed compensation payment is nowhere near enough. Stellicher lawyers will find out if your insurance company’s position is correct.

  • Personal injury

    After an incident in which you have been injured, you see your livelihood potentially change. Both as an entrepreneur or as en employee. With specialised knowledge and experience, the personal injury lawyers at Stellicher will look after all your interests.

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Mr. M.C.R. van Lent