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A.J.H. Rutten LLM
+31 (0)26 3 777 111

About Lex

Until 1999, Lex had a civil law practice. Since then, he has specialized in employment law and completed the Grotius employment law specialization course in 2000. He combines his hobbies of nature, history and hunting with his law practice and focuses on old business (lordly) rights, mainly fishing rights and hunting rights.

Lex does not experience his work as work. "It is immensely interesting and it is not absolute, it is a puzzle"


  • Collective employment law

    Are your employees eligible for compensation? And what are the do’s and don’ts during the transition of a company? What needs to be included in a social plan and what can I expect from a redundancy advisory commission? Stellicher collective employment law experts can provide you with all the support you need.

  • Individual employment law

    Individual employment law is about all the issues and aspects regarding the relationship between employee and employer. The lawyers at Stellicher are able to draw up accurate employment contracts as well as employment conditions and/or regulations.

  • Special clauses

    Special clauses are the rules you impose on your employees. They apply during and after employment. For example, the probation period, ancillary activities, study costs, confidentiality and working for competitors. Stellicher employment lawyers can advise you on the possibilities and legalities of special clauses.

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Mr. A.J.H. Rutten