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Corporate lawyer

P.J.A. Plattel LLM

About Pim

Pim is passionate about short lines of communication and doesn’t let anyone push him aside. He’s a chess player: sharp and analytical. An experienced lawyer. Entrepreneurial and professional, just like his clients. Pim Plattel knows about running a business and leads our corporate law group. He organises professional transactions, negotiates, advises and draws up contracts for his clients.

From entrepreneurs, for example in real estate, to different kinds of investors, all of Pim's clients know they can trust his expertise. Quick and efficient solutions, all in the interest of his clients. With a no-nonsense approach. This is the best way to describe Pim.


  • Takeovers

    Stellicher lawyers have a vast amount of experience in takeover processes, regardless of whether these are transactions in shares or assets, or if they are equity participations. Stellicher works together with financial specialists and notaries, where necessary. We make sure that your interests are laid down and safeguarded.

  • Finance and securities

    Your company needs working capital. This can be obtained by means of financing from the bank or the market, in the form of private equity or crowdfunding, for example. Stellicher lawyers can assist you in financing or refinancing your business.

  • ICT & Privacy

    From newly released software as a service, to working in the cloud: developments in ICT and both general and private legislation are fast and furious. With specialised knowledge and experience, Stellicher lawyers take care of your interests, advise you on all aspects of ICT and privacy, and come up with creative solutions.

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Mr. P.J.A. Plattel