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Corporate lawyer

E.R. Looijen LLM
+31 (0)6 54 69 73 86

About Eric

Eric loves a challenge. He carries on after other lawyers have given up. He gets ‘a kick’ out of finding a solution. Authentic, to the point and creative. Investing in long-term relationships, and helping clients in any way he can. He doesn’t leave his clients until he has found the best solution to their problems.

Saving companies and institutions in financial trouble from collapse, or helping them with a relaunch. This is what Eric Looijen spends his time doing. From advice about liability, helping stakeholders and directors, to being appointed as curator or administrator by the court.

In this multidisciplinary field of law, Eric is able to think out of the box. Both legally and psychologically. An approach that leads to a suitable solution. He helps his clients work towards a better future during stormy times. This is the best way to describe Eric.



  • Companies in difficulty

    Is your company in financial difficulty? Then the insolvency experts at Stellicher lawyers will assist you. With years of experience as curators and as stakeholder consultants.

  • Finance and securities

    Your company needs working capital. This can be obtained by means of financing from the bank or the market, in the form of private equity or crowdfunding, for example. Stellicher lawyers can assist you in financing or refinancing your business.

  • Commercial contracts and competition

    Entrepreneurs enter into agreements every day. In the Netherlands you are, in principle, free to enter into any contract or agreement you wish. There are no legal restrictions. Stellicher lawyers guide and advise entrepreneurs during negotiations and drawing up the written documentation of legally valid agreements.

  • Takeovers

    Stellicher lawyers have a vast amount of experience in takeover processes, regardless of whether these are transactions in shares or assets, or if they are equity participations. Stellicher works together with financial specialists and notaries, where necessary. We make sure that your interests are laid down and safeguarded.

  • Bankruptcies

    Insolvency lawyers of Stellicher are regularly appointed by courts as receivers for bankrupt companies or individuals. A receiver acts on behalf and for the benefit of the joint creditors, and ensures that the bankrupt's estate is properly managed and settled.


Insolvency Lawyers Association (INSOLAD)

Reviews over Eric

Mr. T. Rosendaal, Whizzdom

I look back positively at the matter Eric has handled for us. Thanks to Eric, I have never had the feeling of being legally wronged. Eric’s goal is not to work long hours, but to do the right things for me. I describe his way of working as direct and no-nonsense; very professional and always service-oriented. With Eric at your side, you know that you are with someone who will really help you. 

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Mr. A. Schouten

Eric works hard. He can act quickly and carries out a lot of work in a short amount of time. He has a memory like an elephant. Eric has a lot of technical knowledge in terms of legal procedures and he knows how to analyse relevant issues quickly. The collaboration went perfectly and communication was also extremely pleasant.

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Mr. H. Berg

Eric is a solutions-oriented entrepreneur with an enormous drive to help you as client. He also has a huge amount of legal knowledge and skill. Working with Eric is at a highly professional level. One of his strengths is to come up with strategic alternatives and develop a realistic plan. He doesn’t bother you with legal impossibilities... Eric and his team take care of everything. You’re then presented with the detailed options for the case in question.

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Mr. E.R. Looijen