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Personal & family lawyer

D. Lauran LLM

About Dian

"Aimed at achieving the best possible result".

Dian likes clear arrangements and agreements. In order to then achieve the best possible result in a driven, punctual and goal-oriented manner. Ensuring that the client can leave a difficult period behind and sees the future with a positive outlook again. That is the victory.

As a legal assistant, Dian Lauran supports the section in the ins and outs of personal and family law. Her activities range from drafting memos to doing case law research.

Producing accurate and structured work. With respect for the emotions in family law and inheritance law matters. Having an eye for both the legal and the human aspects. This is the best way to describe Dian.


  • Inheritance

    A loved one has passed away. You are an heir and believe you are entitled to an inheritance. Stellicher lawyers will help and support you in settling your inheritance claim.

  • Divorce

    It is important to get a number of things on paper during a divorce. In addition to the care of the children, a parenting plan and authority and care arrangements, financial clarity is also necessary. For example, maintenance, the division of jointly owned property, including any debts, bankruptcies and pensions. The lawyers at Stellicher will help you in drawing up these agreements, for now and in the future.

  • Parental authority and access arrangements

    Parental authority and access arrangements.

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Mr. D. Lauran