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Personal & family lawyer

M.J. Kooijman LLM
+31 (0)26 3 777 135

About Marten

Marten is passionate about sincerity. He has an informal approach and excellent contact with his client. Open. Bringing the parties closer together. And if that isn’t possible, then going for a clear litigation process. Putting the facts on the table and ending with success.

Marten Kooijman focusses on personal & family law. Divorce, for one or both parties. From child support and maintenance, to care arrangements. Situations where emotions and financial interests play a role. Coming to a mutual solution. 

Helpful and dedicated. Marten recently has been trained as mediator and prefers to bring parties together. Discussions. Working as a team with his client. No unnecessarily long processes, but providing clarity as quickly as possible. Personal and driven. This is the best way to describe Marten.


  • Divorce

    It is important to get a number of things on paper during a divorce. In addition to the care of the children, a parenting plan and authority and care arrangements, financial clarity is also necessary. For example, maintenance, the division of jointly owned property, including any debts, bankruptcies and pensions. The lawyers at Stellicher will help you in drawing up these agreements, for now and in the future.

  • Second opinion

    You must be satisfied with the outcome of your case. After all, it’s about your future. Our specialists will take a look at the legal and financial aspects of your case or your mediation process. Taking into account your situation and wishes. Independent and unbiased.

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Mr. M.J. Kooijman