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corporate lawyer

T.W. Konings LLM

About Thijs

Thijs is goal-oriented. He strives to reach the envisioned goal, together with his clients, in a careful, systematic manner. Thijs wants to make a difference for his clients and bring the bankruptcies in which he works to a successful end.

As a corporate lawyer, Thijs Konings advises and litigates on contract law, bankruptcy law, attachment and execution law and legal entity law. He is also regularly appointed by the courts as bankruptcy administrator.

Working with ambitious entrepreneurs. Leading the opportunities they see and the ideas they have legally in the right direction. In a committed and pleasant way. This is the best way to describe Thijs.


  • Finance and securities

    Your company needs working capital. This can be obtained by means of financing from the bank or the market, in the form of private equity or crowdfunding, for example. Stellicher lawyers can assist you in financing or refinancing your business.

  • Disputes within an organisation

    Shareholders, directors, commissioners and the company don’t always share the same interests. This can sometimes result in discussions, disputes or even separation. Stellicher lawyers will advise and guide you during internal disputes.

  • Companies in difficulty

    Is your company in financial difficulty? Then the insolvency experts at Stellicher lawyers will assist you. With years of experience as curators and as stakeholder consultants.

  • Commercial contracts and competition

    Entrepreneurs enter into agreements every day. In the Netherlands you are, in principle, free to enter into any contract or agreement you wish. There are no legal restrictions. Stellicher lawyers guide and advise entrepreneurs during negotiations and drawing up the written documentation of legally valid agreements.

  • Bankruptcies

    Insolvency lawyers of Stellicher are regularly appointed by courts as receivers for bankrupt companies or individuals. A receiver acts on behalf and for the benefit of the joint creditors, and ensures that the bankrupt's estate is properly managed and settled.


JIRA, Young Insolvency Lawyers Association
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Mr. T.W. Konings