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Employment lawyer

Y.E.M. Goessens
+31 (0)26 3 777 111

About Yara

Yara is passionate about performance. Getting the most out of everything, and going further where others would stop. Determined to find an answer. A clear and secure way of working to achieve a better result.

Yara Goessens dives into a variety of legal issues, legislation, literature and jurisprudence. All to achieve a substantiated answer. Presenting well-founded arguments to achieve the best result possible. Looking for a solution to a difficult problem.  

Motivated and to-the-point. Writing clear articles and conducting thorough research. Seeing, supporting and comforting clients. A strong drive and inexhaustible determination. This is the best way to describe Yara.


  • Special clauses

    Special clauses are the rules you impose on your employees. They apply during and after employment. For example, the probation period, ancillary activities, study costs, confidentiality and working for competitors. Stellicher employment lawyers can advise you on the possibilities and legalities of special clauses.

  • Collective employment law

    Are your employees eligible for compensation? And what are the do’s and don’ts during the transition of a company? What needs to be included in a social plan and what can I expect from a redundancy advisory commission? Stellicher collective employment law experts can provide you with all the support you need.

  • Individual employment law

    Individual employment law is about all the issues and aspects regarding the relationship between employee and employer. The lawyers at Stellicher are able to draw up accurate employment contracts as well as employment conditions and/or regulations.

  • Sick employee

    What should you do if you disagree with the verdict of the company doctor? How can you challenge a refusal of a WIA benefit (benefit for work and income according to capacity for work)? Do you have any questions regarding absenteeism, the Dutch sickness benefits act, wage penalties or alternative suitable work? Sick employees can be costly in the Netherlands. It is, therefore, important that you have security and clarity for your company. The specialists at Stellicher will advise and assist you.  

  • Equal treatment

    Is one of your employees saying he is being treated differently because of his gender, age or ethnic origin? Or, for example, in the case of a handicap or illness? Our specialists will work with you to find a solution. In everyone’s interest.

  • Worker's participation

    What are the rights and obligations of a works council in the Netherlands? What do you, as the company director, need to do if you receive a negative advice from your works council? And for which decisions must you first receive their consent? Our specialists have vast experience when it comes to workers’ participation in the Netherlands and are able to assist and advise both the company director and the works council in all related legal matters.

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Y.E.M. Goessens