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Corporate & Privacy laywer

W.A.J. Hagen LLM
+31 (0)26 3 777 178

About Wouter

Wouter is passionate about analysing a situation. Determining the problem. Quickly figuring out the key issues and then working on a solution. To achieve your aims. Combining legal knowledge with a business-oriented and practical point of view. 

Wouter Hagen helps directors as well as large and small companies. Often for many years. With mergers and acquisitions, disputes and in all aspects of company law. From drawing up agreements to litigating: Wouter knows your company, knows what’s going on, and knows what’s possible. Legal obstacles are taken care of so that the client gets back to focussing on the business.

The biggest compliment is that Wouter's clients are long standing. They approach him year after year. They trust his experience and legal judgement. Taking a step back, readjusting where necessary, and occasionally giving his clients a little push in the right direction. Sharing his client's load. Resolving issues. This is the best way to describe Wouter.


  • Takeovers

    Stellicher lawyers have a vast amount of experience in takeover processes, regardless of whether these are transactions in shares or assets, or if they are equity participations. Stellicher works together with financial specialists and notaries, where necessary. We make sure that your interests are laid down and safeguarded.

  • ICT & Privacy

    From newly released software as a service, to working in the cloud: developments in ICT and both general and private legislation are fast and furious. With specialised knowledge and experience, Stellicher lawyers take care of your interests, advise you on all aspects of ICT and privacy, and come up with creative solutions.

  • Disputes within an organisation

    Shareholders, directors, commissioners and the company don’t always share the same interests. This can sometimes result in discussions, disputes or even separation. Stellicher lawyers will advise and guide you during internal disputes.

  • Exchange of Personal Data

    Everybody must comply with privacy legislation when processing personal data. And this can sometimes have a significant impact.

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Mr. W.A.J. Hagen