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Personal & family lawyer

E. Gubbens LLM
026 3 777 111

About Eline

Eline loves making a difference. Ensuring that clients really feel heard. And that the relationship between all those involved in family or inheritance law matters remains as good as possible.


As a family and inheritance law lawyer, Eline Gubbens deals with all the ins and outs of the section. From drawing up a parenting plan to studying legal documents and case law research.

Each case is approached from the perspective of the customer and his/her interests. Having an eye for how family and inheritance law matters affect the personal lives of everyone involved. And provide a solution in the most appropriate way. This is the best way to describe Eline.


  • Divorce

    It is important to get a number of things on paper during a divorce. In addition to the care of the children, a parenting plan and authority and care arrangements, financial clarity is also necessary. For example, maintenance, the division of jointly owned property, including any debts, bankruptcies and pensions. The lawyers at Stellicher will help you in drawing up these agreements, for now and in the future.

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Mr. E. Gubbens