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Environmental law and civil real estate lawyer

A.A.S. de Jong LLM
026 3777 111

About Annouck

Annouck loves working as part of a team. Creating a partnership with her client. Listening. Identifying the problems, being honest about the opportunities, and determining the strategy together. Working hard to achieve a realistic and good solution.

Annouck de Jong’s daily focus is on commercial and civil real estate issues. Things every business owner has to deal with. From statutory rights and duties between neighbours, buying and selling, renting and renting out property, to rights in rem.

Structured, thorough and involved. Getting to the bottom of legal issues and not leaving a single question unanswered. Focussing on her clients and always having a clear picture of the end goal. This is the best way to describe Annouck.


  • Property law

    The Stellicher specialist property rights lawyers can advise you on which legal forms are best suited to recording and protecting your interests as owner and/or user of real estate. 

  • Purchase

    Is the location you have in mind the right place for the desired use? Are there other risks connected to the purchase, such as polluted land? Are there special costs or restrictions linked to the real estate, resulting in your possibilities being limited? Stellicher lawyers support in every aspect of the transaction, to ensure that your purchase or sale agreement is drawn up correctly.

  • Rental

    Housing has rules, both for you as an individual as well as for your business. Each tenant and each landlord has rights and obligations, which are written down in Dutch law. Based on your specific situation, interests and needs, the specialists at Stellicher will come up with practical advice and draw up your contractual agreements.

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Mr. A.A.S. de Jong